Conductive grease evaluation under electric field

Dr. Yuxin Zhou

Value for the audience

In the EV market, there is a continuous interest in the trial of conductive grease to solve electric erosion issue, due to its relatively low cost and less requirement in the system design. However, there is limited investigation on conductive grease performance inside the bearing contact area under combined mechanical and electrical load.
From the application side, the audience will get more insights in the conductive grease application boundary.
From the grease supplier side, the audience will benefit from the grease evaluation method, from both tribological and electrical point of view.


In this presentation, we provide our current understandings of the application boundary of conductive grease for EV EDM issue, including electrical impedance analysis, film impedance analysis and theoretical calculation, the highlights are as follows:

(1)The electrical and tribological properties of the conductive grease sample are analyzed under various electrical and mechanical test conditions and compared to its non-conductive counterpart through bulk impedance analysis and tribological measurement.

(2)A ball-on-disc optical EHL apparatus is modified to simultaneously measure the grease film thickness and its electric impedance.

(3)A grease film impedance calculation model is established and comparisons are given between test results and calculations.

(4)The influence of the applied electric parameters and contact states on the grease conductivity are analyzed. Recommendations are provided based on the findings.

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