Guidelines for Authors

Proceedings of the FVA BEARING WORLD 2024

1. Review Process
•    The single-blind peer review process will be managed by the VDMA Verlag publishing house.
•    The FVA international scientific board will perform the review.
•    At my conference / submissions / my submission can you upload your journal papers,
      according to the above template and layout requirements, as a Word and PDF document by 5 July, 2024. 
•    If you not a speaker of the conference, please submit your journal article via e-mail
      to submission(at) Thank you. 
•    Your document then will be uploaded to our editing platform.
•    Authors and reviewers will receive account information and a link to a list of documents awaiting review or editing.
•    Additional instructions on the workflow will be provided in the editing platform.
•    There will be up to two revision cycles between the authors and two reviewers who will comment on or
      approve the article.
•    Both reviewers must independently approve the article for it to be included in the publication.

 2. Timeline

Submit papers to publishing house5 July, 2024
Start of first revision cycle22 July, 2024
End of first revision cycle30 September, 2024
Start of second revision cycle14 October, 2024
End of second revision cycle and final approval18 November, 2024

3. Paper Template and Layout: Download template here!

4. Document Structure
Please use the elements listed as follows for the structure of the document:

  • Headings as: h1 or h2
  • Body
  • Pictures
  • Picture captions
  • Tables
  • Table captions

5. Length of Text
Complete articles should generally be about 10-15 pages in length using the template.

6. Copyright
For your paper to be included in the publication of the BEARING WORLD Conference 2023 proceedings, you must sign an agreement granting the copyright of your paper to Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e. V. (FVA), including the authorization to use parts of the paper in other publications, slides, etc. The processing and sales partner will be VDMA Verlag (VDMA Publishing).
The copyright agreement is available to download here.

Please send the copyright agreement direclty to Mr. Roggel: thomas.roggel(at)

7. Refusal of Contributions
The editorial board will refuse contributions or parts of contributions that include commercial content.
Papers violating sound scientific practices or containing plagiarized content will not be accepted.

8. Economical and Institutional Independence of Authors
Reviewers will only revise papers issued by authors from whom they are both economically and institutionally independent.

9. Disputes between Reviewers and Authors
Disputes between reviewers and authors will be settled by a simple majority of the editorial board.

10. Citations & Quotations
Please follow the AGMA publication standards for citations and quotations.

11. Bibliography – Guideline
Please use our template for your bibliography. The template is available here:

Contact for questions related to the editing platform:
Thomas Roggel
VDMA Verlag (VDMA Publishing)

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