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BearingNEWS is an industry sector magazine and online platform; created out of the need and demand for finding specific answers and solutions in today's industrial environment where qualitative sources are not easy to find in 'the ocean' of information. 

BearingNEWS gives an overview to power transmission, maintenance and bearing industry professionals, engineers and decision makers to find their specific answers and solutions by informing them on regularly base through digital and printed publications.  BearingNEWS


Tribonet is a web-based project devoted to the research and technology development in the field of Tribology & Lubrication. Tribonet publishes high quality popular science articles, covering the most interesting news and developments in the field. Our community enjoys access to Tribology Wikipedia, events calendar, online calculators, monthly newsletter and other useful information. 

Tribonet project’s goal is to popularize and raise awareness of tribology among engineers, researchers, students and enthusiasts.

The project is designed to be interactive: everyone can contribute by sharing popular science articles, news and related documents or help us to expand the Tribology Wikipedia. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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